Hi! My name is Kelly Haggerwood, designer and maker of Sugar Snap Designs. I'm a designer and maker based in Exmouth, Devon.




I enjoy creating fun and child-friendly designs for many types of products, which are greatly inspired by my love of animals and nature. Life in Devon plays a large part in my work as the beautiful coast and countryside is so inspiring. My handmade Christmas decorations are very much inspired by my love of the Victorian era. Everything starts out as a sketch, so I've got boxes full of sketch books that I enjoy looking through from time to time and it's always interesting to see how my work has evolved over the years. 

Having the freedom to be creative and do something fun for a living is such a privilege. My design and crafting work varies so much from day to day and I'm always thinking of new ideas. I guess my favourite part is seeing a new creation come to life; nothing gives me greater joy than to see one of my peg fairies hanging from somebody's Christmas tree or a child wearing a t-shirt bearing one of my designs.  

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